Thursday, 24 April 2008

10 Great Critical Thinking Podcasts


If you've read my previous posts and have enjoyed them, then I'm quite sure that you'll enjoy the following Podcasts that strongly encourage one to Pause and Consider the world around you.

1. Skeptics Guide to the Universe - Hosted by an intellectual powerhouse, Dr Steven Novella, the SGU provides an hour of often humorous and tireless skeptical entertainment.
2. Skeptoid - Brian Dunning does a superb job of providing bite-size analysis of pseudoscience and the world around us. He's currently producing a television pilot called the Skeptologists.
3. Point of Inquiry - This is the official Podcast of the Centre for Inquiry (CFI). DJ Groethe, perhaps the best skeptical interviewer around, interviews a plethora of celebrities and scientific minds on their skeptical views (or otherwise) of the world around us.
4. Science with Dr Karl - In this BBC podcast, this Australian legend gives succinct and eloquent descriptions of the world around us.
5. Quackcast - Mark Crislips shameless ridicule of Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (SCAM - yip, that acronym gives you an idea of his slant.).
6. BBC's Science in Action - not really a critical thinking podcast, but this professional podcast gives it's weekly listeners a scientific perspective of the World.
7. Skepticality - This is the Official Podcast of the Skeptic Magazine. The hosts, Derek and Swoopy, flutter about chatting with some of the great critical brains of our world.
8. The Amazing Show staring James Randi - this sporadically published podcast has some great interviews of arguably the most famous Skeptic today, James "The Amazing" Randi. Randi shares anecdotes of his life and his 80 of skeptical thinking and investigating.
9. The Conspiracy Skeptic - this well-researched one-man show gives great insight into some of the world's biggest conspiracy theories.
10. Skeptics Guide 5x5 - The SGU has this year begun a bite-size (5min) edition of skeptical thinking. Each week they look at something in the news and share their opinions.

You'll find all of these podcasts on I-Tunes. Otherwise, simply put the title into Google and you'll be shipped to their homepage.


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NOVA has a great one hour special on behavioral economics and how human decision making runs counter to the predictions of models based on maximizing rational self-interest.

Eruditus said...

One of my favourite critical thinking podcast is "Critical Thinking is Required".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this list!!