Thursday, 24 April 2008

10 Reasons why Astrology is Stupid

Someone once said that Astrology is about as vacant as the space that it worships. Here are some reasons why:

1. The stars in a constellation are sometimes thousands of light-years apart and the connection between them is arbitrary.
2. When you were born your obstetrician had more gravitational effect on you than any planet or star in the universe.
3. There are 13 constellations in the Zodiac (not 12). The 13th is Ophiuchus.
4. The Zodiac was established around 2000 years ago. Since then the Zodiac has shifted one sign along, however the traditional dates for each sign haven't changed. i.e. The Zodiac sign that you were born "under" is meant to be the constellation that the sun was in front-of during your birth. So if you are a Gemini, the chances are that Cancer was actually behind the sun during your birth (due to the 2000 year shift in the Zodiac).
5. The natal planet alignment is futile since the time-of-birth is often arbitrarily chosen (i.e. the doctor/nurses may get the hour right, but not necessarily the minutes).
6. Are all horoscopes done before the discovery of the outermost planets incorrect? Planets get found, demoted and promoted all the time. Pluto was identified and became a planet in 1930. It was demoted to "dwarf planet" in 2006. Ceres was a planet in the 1800s and then demoted to asteroid in the 1850s and has now been promoted to dwarf planet again. Xena was discovered in 2003 and became a planet and in 2006 was demoted to dwarf planet. What's more - Pluto doesn't follow the zodiac path like the other planets (i.e. it will sometimes be in front of non-zodiac constellations.
7.If the planets influence us astrologically why is this influence independent of distance? Mars is sometimes the other side of the sun from us and sometimes it is the same side as us, yet this difference has no astrological effect on us.
8. If distances aren't important in astrology, then where's the astrology of galaxies, quasars, nebulae and black-holes?
9. Why do horoscopes of the same zodiac sign in different newspapers differ so much?
10. Why is the moment of birth, rather than conception, crucial for astrology? Why does a thin layer of flesh and blood protect a baby from the planets/stars/sun/moon...a
nd if not then why do premature babies not have different star-charts than non-prem babies born at the same time on the same day?

Still believe...?

PS: I think I should say that many of these comments are not originally my own although I do share them with many (thanks to the great Carl Sagan amongst others)


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Anonymous said...

I'm not an atheist but I certainly don't believe in astrology. My problem with it is that it assumes that the earth is the center of the solar system. It's like saying the earth is flat. I found this blog looking for some good sites that make fun of astrology. Any good links? I could use a good laugh.

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Star Stuff said...

lol @ Viagra Online /facepalm

ass-troll-ogy said...

heh, love this blog. astrology is just plain stupid.

snore stop said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.

snore stop said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.

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Your blog's informative is very rich in contents,I'm not an atheist but I certainly don't believe in astrology. My problem with it is that it assumes that the earth is the center of the solar system. It's like saying the earth is flat.

Indian Astrology said...

A lot of people, whom we are acquainted with, go straight to the newspaper or open up their astrology cards or their favorite bookmarked websites to have a quick look at their day’s horoscope or the Indian astrology predictions and then proceed towards doing anything else. All these people have become habitual of doing this either just for the thrill or charm of it or else they strictly follow and believe in the stars.

warlygea said...

Of course, I think it's ridiculous believe that the stars have any effect on the personalities human beings. However, I think the idea that people born at different parts of the year would have different personalities. After all, the first few months of our lives is shown to have a lasting effect on our personalities, so why wouldn't people born in to similar circumstances pertaining to the time of the year have some similar traits? Just a thought.

Joseph said...

Exactly. Great blog post.

Anonymous said...

Some people obviously think like that,but astrology,palmistry,finger prints are result of deep study by many astrologers.Astrology is based on planetary positions.Palmistry fortels the future by looking at the palm. The fingerprints of a human being are as unique as the person themselves. The finger prints too hold important clues about a person's personality and many palmists make a thorough study of the prints to understand the clues hidden.

whitebird said...

I agree with your blog. There is nothing like astrology or palmistry kind of thing to do with human destiny.We shape our destiny our-self by doing handwork.We are responsible for our success and failures. I am an Indian Hindu belonging to Brahman Family but still I see no reason to believe in Indian rituals at all since these are based on illusions and delusions only.There is no evidence of any positive happening in your life by performing any rituals. People follow their encestors/elders blindly and go to temple every morning to worship God/Goddesses statues under the illusions that their destiny is likely to glitter one day but that never happens.Its blind belief.Apart from this, most of the laymen have made it their business and dupe lot many guys by telling suitable stories and suggesting awkward rituals. I believe every human born on this planet has some kind of problem and as such no one is free from problem may be some have less some more. These quakes exploit such people by telling interesting false stories and thus we become victim of delusions.There is nothing which can change your fate except the HARD WORK.Science has already proved that we are biological product made of billions of cells and therefore planets have nothing to do with our lives. You prolong your life by taking care of your body .When your body does not produce enough cells , your end is close to you and once we depart, we go for ever.No reincarnation/rebirth at all.Of course, we feel sometime the presence of Invisible Force around us but never came face to face with such mysterious Force any time.Certain questions like developing congenial surrounding naturally for human/animal survival on this globe raise up in our mind but remains unanswered.

Alice sharma said...

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Generic Dude said...

Let me just say that if you don't believe in astrology then stop celebrating christmas, halloween, easter, and pretty much any other holiday. Im not religious nor do I believe in astrology per-say, However, I do believe there are things we just cant comprehend as humans. Anyone who says they can prove astrology is fake is just as bad as someone who is going to read your fortune. You don't know so stop pushing your agenda against astrology. Its pretty cocky and quite ignorant. we can only perceive less than 1% of the world around us. we can only see and hear so much of the spectrum. and as far as we know it goes on forever in both ways. so 1% is like a billion times too big. You don't understand and you never will... nobody can. let people believe what ever they want why do you care so much.

Syam Pandeet said...

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Anonymous said...

Good points, nicely listed. I'm putting this up on FB.

It doesn't matter whether they are your ideas, they are all valid, and you're not trying to pass them off as your own.

Anonymous said...

Also, in response to the comments - Viagra Online: Astrology is not the base to any science, astronomy is.

nishajain: Deeply studying anything without following the scientific method is useless.

Generic Dude : Astrologers make specific claims, which do not have any scientific basis. They are human, and they claim to understand things that are "not possible for humans to understand"? Not believing in this baloney is not the same as not following a religion.

Syam Pandeet: The comment is either spam or utterly meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Astrology is for people that dont have a life. The next time somebody asks you: "What's your sign" Say: "What is YOUR sign, bitch!" The planets and the stars really dont fucking care about you!!!!

Anonymous said...


You are creating your own drama.

All of you idiots that base your lives on "birth signs" are just proving your ignorance.

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anirooth said...

Ok. I thought you were referring to something on my site that I clearly don't have

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YourMelody_ said...

Zdoiac signs is a form of belief, belief in energy, planets carry energy, life = breath , breathing means that when you first started life based on the energy in the stars,(scientifically speaking if you believe in this belief you would understand that crystals emit positive energy if placed on top of the other metals and stones, so each star is dust, a gas,just like a chemical;so hence the effect is could have on you such as wearing the crystal);and the light, that forms your way on living life, how you handle your breaths are personal, scientifically if you have anxiety or adhd it's because your nurturer was handling you and a mix of nature by belief in energy such as the sky, the stars, which to me is common sense. and over when you mature you learn your weakness and who you are and ofcourse can change yourself on your own with wisdom and maturing. but still its nature.Now believing if nature carries life, aka our breathe, such as oxygen is inhaled into us; is your choice. I like the fact that you challeneged zodiac signs and your attempt. but I caould respond with belief back to every answer. I am an Aquarius and I do believe in evolution, energy,and god.and as for the planets changing, I didnt know of, but it would make sense as to why on the birth chart, where you can even see what planet that zodiac sign was currently in, it notes itslef as an asteriod and it is a slow planet that hardly effects you, but in the long run of your life. like longterm affects. and I do know that there is a new zodiac sign Ophiuchus. but yeah its a personal choice to believe, i like the debate tho.

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David said...

Astrology, religion, and all other superstitions are just a way for crooks to pry money from the hands of the gullible. Nothing against gullible people, I'm one too. Not so gullible to buy any of the snake oil on display, but I can be a sucker just like you. As long as you know it isn't true, and it makes you smile, who gives a shit? The downside: there is usually someone out there trying to make a buck on this and they often make many.

Oh, and the argument "there are things we can't know."

OK, but if you can't know, then we don't. Astrology is invented by humans, propagated by humans and believed by humans. It is all human-made, not above humans. It's all good though, humans have made all kinds of fun stuff like this to answer our many questions.

And that's pretty much it, good article.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like these astrologers are running out of ideas on making money so therefore putting another planet and changing the month you were born. Which changes your original sun sign probably into another sun sign. You might be happy or amazed that you are actually another sign and they are happy that they can continue to weed money off you, giving you a whole set of new predictions for your new sign. A birthday is a day in which you were born, it doesn't make you better or worst than another. Everybody is different because of genes and not because you were born in a specific period of time.
Please stop giving money to these manipulators. You control your life and destiny, not planets and especially not astrologers. They do it as an occupation, that's why they're so good at it. I have never felt like a cancer before nor do I feel like a gemini now.

Anonymous said...

Well Well when you criticize something you better to know what you're talking about unless you want to show everyone you're a complete moron. Maybe the reason you don't mind is in your horoscope hahah

1. Astrology is based on the position of the planets, not constellation. They share the same and only purpose in both astrology and astronomy: to pinpoint.
2. Astrophysic's studies show the complete contrary but maybe you don't believe in astrophysics neither.
3. Same answer to the 1.
4. Same answer to the 1.
5. I wasn't aware that planets moved so fast.
6. Incomplete, incorrect for other reasons.
7. Because that's not the planets that create personality patterns it's the brain but, if you believe it, according to the positions a specific pattern will be chosen.
8. Distance are important
9. Because predictive astrology is rubbish
10. If you want the time of your conception good luck. No one say that layer of anything protect. Because general models don't bother with anomalies like premature babies.

Anonymous said...

Number 9 is the reason why I even got to this, lol. They ALL say different stuff..... soooo, which one do we believe? Lol, no thanks.

Ashly Fisher said...

According to ted TV this is what we know about the solar system and stars and all of that who hah.
* the movie....
*to smirking douche who feels so smugly compelled to see all who don't want to use perfect English with well structures thoughts...are beneath you......dick off will ya. If it makes you feel do much better, you win.

Ashly Fisher said...

You are awesome

Anonymous said...

ur totally an aquarius arent u....

beady eyes said...

I think you are confusing astronomy and astrology.Nebula, a supernova remnant
Astronomy is a natural science which is the study of celestial objects (such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and nebulae), the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects.Astrology consists of several pseudoscientific systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.

beady eyes said...

Try the flat earth society website and pages. Be warned, these people will call you brainwashed and narrow minded, fill you with pseudo scientific babblecrap and tell you you need to think for yourself. As soon as you start arguing against their theories they will block you, these pages are like echo chambers for the believers, they don't like us non flat earthers coming in and upsetting the apple cart with you know, real science and a dash of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Horoscopes are bull, and almost all people who actually know about astrology agree on that. It's more like a message of the day, or advice of the day, directed towards each sign.

Things like planets changing placement DO matter, actually.

Anonymous said...

Look up "sheldon debunks astrology"
From big bang theory

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Anonymous said...

Skeptics and 'Critical thinking' enthusiasts are just 'Naysayers'.

Thinking thinking thinking that is their God.

What is the nature of reality?
Does it merely conform to our present 'thinking' and 'believing'?
Materialistic scientific thinking, is a mere shadow of reality.

We used to sing a song as kids in the 1940's: "You can't het to Heaven in an old Ford car, 'Cause an old Ford car won't get that far!.
Neither will 'Critical thinking' nor 'Materialism'

This reality, is more like 'The Holodek' and we are its reality simulators!

Ethan Pickett said...

Why would you want to control your significant other? That's seems like a narcissitic God-complex if you ask this guy...

Ethan Pickett said...

Spelling and grammar is crap. My apologies.

Ethan Pickett said...

Agreed. Logic is the only tool anyone can use to come to any sound conclusion. And that applies to anything and everything from beliefs to how to troubleshoot an internet connection. So, to believe in something despite contrary belief is defined as being dellusional. Not saying anyone who believes in Astrology is insane or discrediting them in anyway, but dellusions are one of the main two symptoms of a psychotic mental illness as accessed by medical doctors. To me, believing is something that has been disproved scientifically is... Perhaps insane? Stupid, most definitely. I have no PhD or Master's, these are just my personal beliefs. However, I'm content knowing I reached my belief based on logic. 😉;) Faith, although, is another discussion so please don't hit me with that argument. The existence of God has very little to nothing to do with Astrology, as it cannot be proven or disproven and Astrology can, and has been disproven. Why do I care to disprove someone's ridiculous belief? Because people who belief whatever they want even against the best logical proof can be dangerous, physically or otherwise. [ If one believes that someone who is introspective because they were born in December, then it could be compared similarly to a racist belief that someone is lazy because of the color of their skin. ] *this was not my original thought* So based off that statement, I don't want someone who truly believes in Astrology and bases their life decisions off a newspaper article to be helping to decide who my next local policy maker is, or president for that matter. They are ignorant, possibly stupid, people and stupid people make stupid decisions. This wouldn't matter except we live in a world surrounded by others, therefore our actions define us because they infinitely affect other people. This is why I have little to no respect for most dellusional people and I steer clear. They are unpredicatable. Althought I'm sure one could easily predict an Astrology believer's actions based on a simply meaningless Horoscope they so desperately base their lives on... 😉😉 Once again, this is just my two cents worth. Hope I don't ruffle too many feathers. Hahah.

Ethan Pickett said...

And what are these claims based on? I'm inclined to believe you have some sort of mental illness as you have just compared reality to a piece of fiction from Star Trek. STAR TREK. Good lord. You're saying we create, or "simulate" reality even though if I described how a palm tree looked and felt, you'd easily be able to pick it out amongst other trees. If We sat in separated rooms and wrote down what a house across the way looked like, our descriptions would match identically, generally speaking. If we create our own realities, it's all "simulated" through us, as you stated, then different people would see and feel a palm tree differently and describe the house differently because they live in different coinciding realities. The only case I can think of where someone's reality did not match mine on a purely real basis, (not based on how you percieve a song's or painting's meaning) was when I had a friend break into the onset of what us now fully diagnosed Schizophrenia, a mental illness strongly associated with DNA and genetics, and an imbalance of dopamine, a nuerotransmitter in the brain. So come on now, get real. Pun intended. Rofl.

Ethan Pickett said...

Well put, very much so agreed. Have had the same "it's all man-made" thought many times.

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People belonging to same genes and color and progeny have the same personalities? Assholes....... Does everyone one in one family comes first in the class or r university toppers ....does every one with same genes with same brain structure gets the same success and fame and recognition?? Never .... Every human is born with 250 cc of brain and have almost same number of neurons then why there is a hell of a difference in the performance in professional and personal lives.... Humans are just not their brains..... Did a brain of a rapist decided to rape a woman.....if so then punish the brain not the whole body..... Science is subjected to many illusions the way humans see the nature than how nature actually is.....

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Anonymous said...

You cannot reason with unreasonable people. They will believe whatever they want to believe, even when the evidence shows that what they believe is not real. The key word is 'want'. They WANT to believe and so no amount of reasoning can sway them. Their minds, though small, are already made up.

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Anonymous said...

My Belief is in my intuition, The power of being told of how your life will be the next day or week or year can have a powerful effect on a human being especially those who are wanting guidance. My opinion is that if you are told who you are, you end up wanting it to happen and your sub conscience sees it as what you want and tries to give you it even if its wrong, and because you want it you think its right. Easy accessible astrology has to be fake, almost anyone can relate to the statements.. But what if this is to blind us from the astrologers that have handed down knowledge from their culture, for example the Mayans.

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Astrology and horoscopes is for weak-minded losers that have no morals, especially the Indians with Vedic bullshit! Any woman that have a problem with me saying this is ugly both physically and mentally! Any man that asks another man for their sign out of nowhere is a fag.

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What the actual fuck are you talking about

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Cc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kunal Sharma said...

The concept of religion and astrology are based on the most powerful human emotion and that is fear. They feed of your fear and you let them. Thats why they survive. There is nothing called supernatural powers or anything. As our understanding improves the natural explanations replace the supernatural. So keep learning. Thats where the future is in the knowledge only. Rest is all nonsense and fear. Period.

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Zapotec said...

All of this is just speculation. I used astrology for many years and with it made over a million dollars. The people sho say it does not work don't use it and know nothing about it. If you want to make money and get what you need out of life astrology can help alot. If you don't think it works explain how I made a million dollars.

Unknown said...

Well, my major problem with astrology is, that it discriminates people. My sign Scorpio is pure trash, nothing lovable or fantastic about it and whenever I hear about it I become unhappy because that's simply not who I am, nor who I want to be. Everything about it seems so negative to me. Second problem is the calculation Of stars, astrology does not include Ophiuchus. Besides, the time and how long it is there, has been incorrect for years. Scorpio should actually be from Nov 23-Nov 28 which means I'm a Libra, which is a better sign. I can't say whether or not stars influence us, but if so, astrology is a wrong method.

Mike Boone said...

I think that astrology has zero credibility. For one thing, claims that certain positions of stars and planets have particular sorts of effects on people seem to have been arrived at in a totally arbitrary way. And if distant stars actually had effects on people, in order to determine what those different types of effects would be, it would be necessary to study the events in the lifetimes of a huge number of people so that you were seeing how events that people can't control took place during the lifetimes of a sufficiently large enough group of folks to allow your database to include records of the lifetimes of a great many people who were born during each different position of the stars. Only by having the information concerning how random events, beyond human control, occurred in the lives of a lot of people that were born in each different star position, could it then be possible to judge whether one star position made any significant difference, compared to any other star position. To be a statistically significant scientific study, such an undertaking would really require a comparison of the life events of a really huge number of people, especially because there are so many star positions. You would probably need to study the life histories of at least one hundred thousand people to give the results of the study much validity.

So a real problem with astrology is that whoever dreamed up the scheme, obviously never devoted the extreme amount of time or resources needed to log all of the various events in the lifetimes of huge numbers of people and then compare how those events might have varied as the star positions of different times of birth varied.

Anonymous said...

My doubt is Earth is also a planet with gravity and magnetic field and we humans are living on it.We are continuously in close contact with our earth.
Then should it have more impact on our life and events than the other planets crores and crores kilometres away from us?
Any one who reads agree with me?
secondly how many people die together from plane crash?How many lakhs of people fied from psunsmi?Do they all have same borth chart?
Any astrologer or believer answer my questions

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Camrynov said...

Hello ....
Believing in astrology is an belief and Not believing in astrology is also an belief because you believe something else not astrology. So Either ways you believe on something. THEN So called something, As long as it tells good positive and happy etc etc about you then u feel happy and you believe even more, if not you feel sad and try yourself stop believing on that and throwing your garbage thoughts to prove yourself that u are always perfect.

So every humans have rights to believe on their own choices so lets not debate on topic too much.

There could be peoples who believe strongly faithfully in astrology and they might have benefited , so their belief is applicable to their lifes.
There could be people who dont believe or believe partially in astrology and they might have not benefited or partially benefited from astrology. so this also another type of belief.

Some people dont know what is astrology but they believe in something else and it is applicable for their lifes.



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